Monday, August 1, 2011

Pedestrian Sundays at the Kensington Market, Toronto

I didn't know about this before! I knew they closed the street to cars on Sundays but I didn't know the whole place turned into a festival. I was out buying a hose at Canadian Tire originally so I was caught without my 50D. All these photos are from my iPhone. Hopefully I can get back next week for some better shots.

At first I thought this was a dance troupe, but when I went by them again about an hour later, they were still in this pose (oh my aching back!). I guess it was a living art installation.

The allure of a puddle sometimes cannot be resisted.

Real feather headress.

Another kind of headress. This guy was actually in the crowd watching the dancer above.

A giant street Scrabble game.

More hats for sale.

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