Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My fabulous trip to Italy is fast approaching. I have been looking at a lot of travel photos by some really freaking great photographers on G+ - many of them have travelled to Italy or are living there. They've been so much help and inspiration, but I am worried after seeing their work that I will never live up to it! I am sure that whatever photos I manage to take in Italy, I will love them, even if the rest of the world doesn't see them. But (hope against hope) maybe I will actually get some keepers.

Last night I attended a wine tasting event put on by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. These tastings are wonderful! They are held in interesting locations like the Art Gallery of Ontario, or the King Edward Hotel. Last night's was in the Acadian Room at the Simpsons Tower. Years ago I used to go there for lunch, when it was a fancy restaurant, and my mother worked upstairs in a Bay Street law firm. Now it is a functions room I suppose, but the chandeliers are still there. This tasting was Women in Wine - and all from Italy! Talk about timely! The women are representing many generations of wine makers. How wonderful that they are now running this business. They were all so gorgeous and stylish! I may have to re-think my packing plans.

I took along my little GF1 and then forgot to change my WB and also left it on manual focus. I guess with all the wine drinking that was going on, and the lighting (that's it, I'll blame the lighting) - I didn't notice. So I chalk up another one to experience. But here's one picture that at least gives you a feel for the room.

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