Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pride 2011

I'm lucky in that one of the biggest and best Pride events in the world occurs on my doorstep. Photographing Pride is like setting a kid loose in a candy shop. Not only are all the colours and people so extravagant, but they love to pose! Trying to get a candid shot is actually difficult. I tried shooting from the hip a few times with mixed results.

I went down with Sam and we stayed for the whole day. This was the day of the Dyke March and afterward there is a big street party on Church Street (gay village) which is closed off for the whole weekend. People just walk up and down and party and take pictures. Even the police seemed to be having a good time. There was no harassment or difficulties of any kind that I noticed.

They say 1 million people come into Toronto for this weekend, so it's quite extraordinary that it is such a safe, love filled event. Dorothy is right: there's no place like home!

Dykes on Bikes historically lead the march.

Mayor Rob Ford controversially did not attend. However, some visiting dignitaries joined in!

The neighbourhood community centre, which runs all manner of programs for the gay (and straight) community - the "519"

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