Thursday, June 30, 2011

The hotel

I thought now that I'm back in town that I'd post a few pictures of the hotel B&B we stayed at in Sayulita, called La Casona. Click on any of the pictures to see them bigger.

The hotel sign is visible on the left. That's how close to the ocean it is!

Ignore the lump on the bed and just look at those windows, and the colour of the ceiling. The shutters are glass and really shut the window completely, not that I ever did. The big door to the left opens onto our own private L shaped balcony with two chairs, a table and a hammock. I love the arches over the doors.

The beautiful sink

The shower - there is only that clay divider in the window, no glass or screen. A nice big open shower with no door or curtain.

The common area, with two daybeds, several tables for the guests to have their breakfast.

This is standing in the common room looking towards the staircase downstairs. The room on the left is the kitchen (there's a crate of oranges on the floor). The window that has the hearts in it is visible here.

A detail to a window that is on the outside wall upstairs.

Daybed on the common area balcony. The staircase is on the left in this picture, with the potted plants along the edge.

A detail of tiles inset in the stairway.

The chairs on our balcony.

The stairs leading up to more rooms from the common room. A bit of the doorway to our room is visible on the right.

Part of the lobby, another day bed.

The kitchen. The wardrobe held all manner of beautiful Mexican pottery for every day dishes.

A better one of the sink - they provided a wine bottle of clean water and two (real) glasses.

The other half of our balcony, the bedroom window over my bed is on the right and the shower window is beyond. Behind that little window in the wall is the balcony of Lily room, which looks towards the town. Our balcony had ocean views!

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