Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day Two Sayulita

I waited for Sal to wake up, thinking she might want to surf, on this International Surfing Day. London girl had arranged for lessons already. She kindly offered to take Sal along but she was sleeping and declined the offer. I told her maybe tomorrow, as she's going again.

At 9 the owner Courtney came in and started breakfast, which was granola, yogurt, cut up fresh local fruit, coffee and fresh squeezed juice. Wow. After breakfast the three of us hung out on the upstairs porch and got acquainted.

After that we went for a walk along the beach and went the other way (south) and ended up at Villa Amour, which is a fancy place more like a private resort. We walked through the grounds and ended up at the old cemetery and from there to the second beach. This beach is quite small and only some local Mexicans seemed to be enjoying it. There was a huge party of locals in plastic chairs in rows at some kind of meeting, and a few families. There was a roped off area for swimming and the water was amazing. I forgot how buoyant you are in salt water. There were big crabs on the rocks, and hermit crabs in the sand. A small puppy was running around and came and jumped on Sal.

The old cemetery. This is my favourite shot from the cemetery. It looks guilded but it's not.

The beach puppy

Beach rocks

an inhabitant of the beach

Villa Amor

At this point the previously overcast day cleared and we decided to head back to town to get our sunscreen. We came back through the back roads of town, where a lot of the locals lived. It was an interesting trip through the jungle, with a cacophony of bird sounds, some huge butterflies,
a lot of closed up houses and some incredibly steep hills! We went into town for lunch and had a bowl of beans, a wrap and a lemon squeeze at Chocobanana, and of course a chocobanana for dessert. This is a frozen banana on a stick, covered in chocolate and sprinkles.

In the afternoon Sal went swimming and tried the balance board, and met a six year old friend who made an impression. She sat on the wall waiting for this boy to have his turn on the balance board, and he simply got off it, came and sat beside her. He only had Spanish so they shook hands and she went and tried the board.

In the late afternoon we headed to Miro Vino. Earlier in the day we had run into the guy who is the bartender so we decided to go and visit him. He made us some amazing huge margaritas (2 for 1) and we had a wood fired pizza with arugula and goat cheese. At the end of the evening, he told us he would take us in his car to a beach further away. He will pack an umbrella and a chest of ice and some boards, including a big board for learning. He's going to meet us at 10 tomorrow. 10-2 surf lesson!

As I write this, there is live music in the square, and Sal has gone out to hear it. Another noisy night ahead, but I hope to acclimatize. The music sounds quite good actually, lots of brass (even a tuba) and singers. What a town!

Love the colours in this photo. Click on it to make it bigger so you can see the wrestling poster. Following is a slightly altered version.

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