Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day Four

Yesterday was a bit of an off day. Sal felt feverish, which I'm sure was a result of getting too much sun on her back while surfing. We put sunscreen on but it would be washed off pretty quickly and she was out there for a few hours mainly lying on her stomach. She said her stomach was bruised from the board as well. She slept on and off all day and I hung out at the hotel and went for short walks here and there. I have had some trouble getting money out of the Sayulita bank machines. I wish I'd taken out $ from a few more machines at the airport. They give you a bigger amount and less transaction fee. Here all you can take out at a time is 1000 (100 Cdn) and they charge you between 4-6 Cdn to take it out!

But it's a moot point because the bank machines seem to be empty anyway. I am totally broke so I better be able to find one with money in it today.

I ran into Miguel today on the street and we hashed out an informal plan to go boating today but I didn't hear from him last night so I'm not sure what the deal is. Nothing to do but wait, which is easy here.

Later yesterday Sal felt better and we headed to the nearest restaurant on the beach for dinner. I had scallop salad, which turned out to be seviche, and fish fillets in butter. The proportions were huge but the meal was typical bar food. However, four beers, two dinners and an appetizer only came to $38. Cdn. We had a sweet labrador come and join us begging for food and turning her nose up at fries but accepting fish most daintily. A chihuahua bounced around the restaurant barking at things, and then suddenly a three piece band sprang up out of nowhere. They came to the table, and I know what that means, so I got prepared to pay some tips, but it was worth it to see Sal surrounded by this band looking embarrassed. The guitar player offered to sell her his guitar for only $3000 pesos! It was made from one solid piece of wood, and had three double strings in the middle and two single strings on the outsides. She played it a bit and then handed it back. He told us you can get cheaper ones at the flea market. (Come on bank machines!)

A young man came to stand outside the restaurant to listen to the band and overheard us say we were from Toronto. He is from Vancouver and staying at the yoga place on the edge of town for two months. He came and joined us and we chatted. After dinner we went along the beach and watched the Salsa band at Don Pedros and the dancers. Some of them were sharp dancers!

We ended the evening at the hotel on the porch, reading and watching the geckos.

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