Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to the drawing board. The renovation before I left for California --

The hole in the basement floor. Concrete was taken up an a hole dug to the city water line for plumbing the new kitchen. The shovel handle is at floor level, showing how deep the hole is.

The back wall showing the new door/window area insulated for now because it's just chipboard between us and the elements. Also in view -- the fireplace and ducts.

Insulation! and it's purple!

Oh crap! There's a leak in the ceiling! When the new plumbing went in, something was shaken loose. The wall in my studio/sanctuary/place where I go to escape is torn up. There is no escape. 

My equipment is shoved to one side and covered in dust. It remained like that for weeks.

Drywall is begun. The drop ceiling in the hall and kitchen:

Our new electrical panel:

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas. Check out the pile of dirt on the left of this picture from the hole in the basement floor. We actually tried to eat here for the first months of the reno. That's our dining room table covered in plastic.

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