Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Drywall, windows, and now floors:

The new front door. Eventually the glass will have a sandblasted film covering. New kitchen windows. We tried to set them at counter height, but that was difficult to get exact. The old fridge is still there! It's now in the place the new fridge will live when it gets here.

The basement hole has been filled and repaired:

New back door and windows installed. They were installed incorrectly, and we had to pay extra to have our contracter re-install them. Also, there was an outlet installed in the middle of one window frame. Argh. No! It is supposed to be a door, so no outlet required. Also, drywalled and not panelled. Try, try again.

After a subfloor was laid on top of the old subfloor, and levelled to the best of the floor installer's abilities, the new quarter-sawn white oak floor was installed. We oiled it with Loba oil to keep the look natural.

Walking the plank to get from the stairs to the hall. The hall will be tiled with natural stone.

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