Tuesday, January 22, 2013

November 2012

The windows are removed. That pesky heating duct in the middle of the room remains. The old stove is gas and still hooked up.

The construction crew built a wall and boxed in the staircase to the second floor, enabling us to live dust free. Relatively. The front window is removed and boarded up.

Dining room window is boarded up and framing has begun. Since there is no view and little light from this window, it is being made smaller to accomodate a dining room buffet. Instead of bricking up the bottom, our architect has designed a painted panel element. This way, we don't have to match the old brick and move the sill.
Framing has begun.

Aha - the heating duct has been removed. Here is the replacement sneaking under the floorboards to the outside wall, to snug up to the sewage stack.

A new hall wall has been framed. This is the only wall that will be built in the space. We need it to make our new kitchen. The heating duct for the front bedroom is a nice skinny one to fit inside this wall. Eventually the fridge will go in this corner.

Looking more open. The fridge is moving about daily. The crew has strung up lights to work by.

A close up of the new heating duct. And my foot.

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