Tuesday, January 22, 2013

October 2012 - Renovation Begins.

This is the front room (old sitting room) showing the house's original wood framing and plate rail. I am standing in the dining room. What a tired old carpet and that wallpaper - ugh! I can't believe at one time I liked that old fussy granny wallpaper. It's Laura Ashley.

The original front door. Drafty old mail slot. The door on the right of the picture goes into the above sitting room. Small, cramped and dark.

This is the original dining room.

View of the door in the sitting room and the window. This is the front of the house and the window overlooks the porch.

The dining room window, which used to have a view until the house next door was torn down and a higher house was built, with white aluminum siding, very nice view.

This is the exposed brick wall (shared with our neighbour semi) in the old kitchen. There were free standing cupboards against it for storage.

The back (south) wall in the old kitchen. The door leads to the back porch. You can see a bit of the old kitchen counter here.

The old kitchen with its mahogany cupboards. They served us well for over 20 years. A pretty cramped set up, not the best designed kitchen.

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